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Front Row Systems has developed a customizable set of tools for the consolidation, reconciliation and automation of Sales and Use taxes. Our clients include regional and national companies producing from under 100 to over 1,000 returns each month. We work closely with tax department and IT staffs to understand complex business requirements and provide solutions tailored to meet both data and accounting requirements.

Solutions which we have developed include features to:

Control and Reconcile Data

  • Import data directly from source systems
  • Test data to identify errors and inconsistencies
  • Reconcile data to General Ledger accounts
  • Hold, reverse or adjust data
  • Drill down to see all detail
  • Send data to sales tax compliance software
  • Maintain history for tax audits

Manage Tax Returns

  • Avoid notices through properly and consistently prepared returns
  • Maintain a calendar of due dates and payment history
  • Prepare manual or automated funds requests including General Ledger distributions
  • Print extensive management reports
  • Create and run macros to automate the OneSource Sales & Use Tax software

Save Time Through Automation

  • Automated General Ledger reconciliation
  • Produce hundreds of tax returns at the touch of a button
  • Save staff time, reduce notices, and eliminate the monthly compliance crunch
  • Handle growth, acquisitions, and new returns and jurisdictions painlessly

The software is available in three components:

  • import and reconciliation
  • automatic return processing
  • calendar of tax payments

We can customize one or all of these components to meet your needs.

Custom Software | Property Tax Management

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