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Front Row provides custom software development services to businesses of all sizes. We can provide a complete solution including analysis, design, development, implementation and support. We will work with your existing IT staff to ensure a solution which fits with your existing IT Infrastructure. With over 20 years in business and the experience of having developed hundreds of custom applications, we can develop the application you require.

Advantages of custom software include:

  • Closely matches your existing business practices
  • Integrates with your financial systems, including pulling numbers from financial packages, feeding journal entries to your General Ledger system and providing electronic funds requests to your Accounts Payable system
  • Automates complex tasks
  • Provides consistent practices and results
  • Saves time and money
  • Provides personalized training and support

All of our clients are satisfied customers. We work to understand and meet your needs. We engineer our software to be open so you may add your own reports and flexible so that enhancements and changes are incorporated with ease. Please request a list of references.

Sales Tax Management | Property Tax Management

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